What we do

Our main activity is direct mail services – we provide a full service (but we do not provide door-to-door distribution). What we do is provide envelope enclosing, boxing, or polywrapping for a variety of mailings and submit the assembled/finished mailings to the post office.

Postage will also depend on how much prep work we do before final submission to post office. To get the best deal on postage, we bundle our clients’ mailings by hubs and sort by postal code. The post office offers discounts when these things are done in advance. We then pack the mailings into postal crates and deliver them to the post office.

We offer a supplementary bookbinding service, mainly affixing, mounting and sealing, folding printed matter, assembling promotional items and boxes, paper drilling, a variety of packaging, and all jobs the machines can’t handle where human assistance is necessary.


A glossary of the most commonly used words in our business:

  • Direct marketing – direct communication with the customer
  • Direct mail – direct (addressed) communication
  • Mailing – the processing and sending of mail pieces
  • Mail piece – letters, parcels, brochures, printed material, circulars, magazines, daily correspondence, commercial printed matter, newspapers, catalogues, periodicals
  • Addressed mail pieces – mail pieces delivered by post to specific addresses (to letterboxes)
  • Unaddressed mail pieces – mail pieces distributed door to door (to letterboxes and entryways) without a specific recipient 
  • Periodical mailings – sent on a regular basis, such as a monthly
  • Hybrid mail – mail delivered using various forms of delivery
  • Postage – the rate charged by the post office for any particular type of mail piece
  • RaZ – Slovak Post Office designation for addressed advertising mail
  • D+2 – post office designation for delivery time, where D = day of submission, and +2 means 2 business days
  • D+4 – post office designation for delivery time, where D = day of submission, and +4 means 4 business days
  • Labelling – affixing self-adhesive paper address labels
  • Personalisation – the printing of an address, salutation or name on a letter
  • Folding – machine or manual folding of printed matter
  • Collating – sorting printed matter into the desired order
  • Business reply card – return card (filled in) sent by the addressee back to the sender
  • Mailbag – a machine that wraps polythene film around magazines
  • Shrink-wrapping – using heat to shrink polythene film
  • DST – double-sided tape
  • Pallet wrapping – final stretch wrap around finished pallets
  • Folder – cut out and glued jacket for documents
  • Robinson – someone who has opted out of receiving unaddressed mail in their letterbox